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Precautions for daily use and maintenance of crusher equipment

Release time: 2020-07-14

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Precautions for daily use and maintenance of crusher equipment
Yuanshi Heavy Industry is an experienced crusher provider, launching different crushing equipment models, from PSX-110 to model PSX-2250, Host Power from 110KW to 2250KW, we can also provide customized crushing equipment according to customer needs.

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During the daily use of the crusher, daily maintenance needs to be carried out, and reasonable use must also be taken to avoid damage to the machine. Daily maintenance of crusher:

1. Before the start of the test run, strictly check whether the installation of each part of the machine meets the requirements, whether the screws and bolts are loose, you can use the hand to gently pull the belt to test the rotation, and whether there are any phenomena such as bumps. At the same time check the direction of rotation, it is strictly prohibited to crush flammable and explosive items to avoid accidents.
2. The material should be kept evenly during production to ensure the crushing quality and normal production of the crusher. At the same time, overloading of the motor is strictly prohibited to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
3. In addition to frequently checking the tightening and loosening of various parts, we must also pay attention to check the wear of wearing parts. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the main components.
4. Regularly check the wear of the crusher's tooth plate. If the wear is severe, the tooth plate should be replaced in time to avoid the phenomenon of running particle size.
5. Due to the high speed of the crusher, in addition to the correct and firm installation, at the same time, it should maintain good lubrication to maintain the normal operation of the machine. Under normal circumstances, bearing temperature does not exceed 70 degrees is normal. Add butter and molybdenum disulfide to the bearing of the main engine once a week, the effect of high-speed butter is better.

Precautions for crusher
1. Regardless of the method used to feed the crusher, a reliable rust removal device must be provided to prevent other chores from entering the crusher.
2. The crusher must be started without load. Before starting, the remaining materials in the crusher must be checked and cleared.
3. Check the oil level in the main and auxiliary transmission gear boxes to ensure sufficient oil supply.
4. If the crusher is not used for a long time, or if it is started for the first time, the large pulley should be rotated manually for 2-3 weeks to confirm that the machine runs smoothly, and then the motor "jog" several times. Officially start the crusher.
5. Start the crusher to reach normal speed, and start feeding only when there is no abnormal situation.

The service system is also the focus that users should pay attention to when choosing equipment. When people choose equipment, manufacturers should provide high-quality services to ensure that there is no problem with the equipment they choose. At the same time, if there is a problem after the equipment is used, it needs perfect after-sales service to solve, in order to give users a satisfactory service. 

Yuanshi Heavy Industry is a crushing equipment manufacturer. He has focused on advanced technology for more than ten years to create excellent performance, and professional manufacturers have no worry about after-sales service.

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