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How to check scrap steel

Release time: 2019-10-11

Source: Jiangyin Yuanshi Heavy Industry machinery Co.,Ltd.

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How to check scrap steel

  Points for quality inspection of scrap steel:

  Metallurgical enterprises have two major problems in the quality inspection of scrap steel, one is deducting impurities, and the other is the problem of quenching steel.

  First, deducting impurities

  1 Set up the check-up scale at the unloading scrap site, and return the skin to the smear under the supervision of the quality inspection personnel after unloading the truck.

  2 The condition does not have the ability to load the remaining impurities in the fixed container in the fixed container.

  Second, quality inspection

  1 The closed steel theorem is implemented with a closed theorem, and the monitoring facilities are installed. It is strictly forbidden for the scrap supplier to enter the unloading site, so as not to interfere with the work of the quality inspectors.

  2 Require the scrap steel suppliers to sort and purchase the goods, that is, load the heavy-duty, medium-sized, small-sized, and unified scraps separately and purchase them separately, so that the problem of inaccurate grading can be solved.

  3 When the train transports scrap steel, the scrap is loaded with more than 57 tons of scrap, which can be settled at a price.

  4 For scrap iron and steel suppliers who are maliciously doped, report to the scrap steel application unit in the region and never sign a scrap steel contract with them.

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