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What is the pressure of the metal baler?

Release time: 2019-12-27

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What is the pressure of the metal baler?

Metal Hydraulic Packer

Metal Hydraulic Packer

There are many users of metal baler, but they always consider the question, is the pressure of metal baler is enough, can it compact the waste?

The metal baler provided by Yuan's Heavy Industry can make these users completely at ease. The pressure of the metal baler is based on the hydraulic principle, which uses liquid as the working medium and transmits power through the pressure of the liquid. The part that provides pressure is the hydraulic motor. As long as the hydraulic motor can provide enough power, the pressure of the equipment can be guaranteed.

The model of each equipment of the metal baler produced by our company is strictly calculated and carried out by our company. In each case, the pressure of the small baler is about 1200kn, and the pressure of the medium is up to 1500kn. The packaging pressure is more than 2000kn, which is enough to crush the scrap metal into cakes.

On the other hand, the pressure of the baler is also related to the power supply. There are many options for customers to supply power. Your workshop needs to have three household 330V or 220V power supplies, which can meet the power supply of metal baler. If there is no power supply on your site or you need to move the equipment regularly, you can use it on a device with a 330V diesel generator. As long as the voltage specified in the start-up equipment is not a problem, the packing pressure of the metal baler can be Reach the normal pressure of our test.

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